Terms of Service

Effective February 17, 2021

TalkNest is a dynamic social platform to curate articles, post content, and discuss today’s most relevant topics. We provide the platform and you provide the content. In this way, you share responsibility with us for making TalkNest the best platform it can be.

In order to maximize the user experience on TalkNest we have to have some Rules that everyone must abide by in order to participate on the platform. We want you here and we want to provide the best environment we can to be sure you want to be here with us for a very long time.

If you believe a user is posting another entity’s copyrighted or trademarked material anywhere on the TalkNest website, please click here: Copyright/Trademark Reporting and send an email to legal@talknest.com.

The specific Rules that help make TalkNest successful are below but our philosophy is pretty straightforward: treat everyone in a way that you would want to be treated and don’t do things or say things that are disrespectful or make others feel unsafe.

Our team of admins at TalkNest will enforce these Rules and we hope that will be a relatively easy job. If you abide by the philosophy it should be. We really appreciate your efforts to understand and abide by these Rules.

Here are the Rules:

  1. Respect
    Everyone on the TalkNest platform should feel safe here. You don’t have to like everyone here, and we expect a wide range of views and, therefore, differences, but you do need to treat every human on TalkNest with a basic level of respect. Harassment, threats of violence, and bullying are not tolerated.
  2. Privacy
    Sharing or posting the personal information of another person (user or otherwise), including financial data or sexually-explicit media, without their explicit consent is not only a violation of Rule #1 but it’s also a breach of another’s right to privacy and will jeopardize your ability to stay on TalkNest.
  3. Sexually Explicit Content
    You have to be at least 18 years old to be on TalkNest but the posting or the encouragement of posting suggestive or sexual material involving minors is strictly prohibited.
  4. Don’t Impersonate
    One of the best parts of TalkNest is that it’s a community of real people. While you don’t have to disclose exactly who you are to the community for privacy reasons, you are not allowed to impersonate other individuals, companies, or other organizations. We reserve the right to change or delete your user name if you are pretending to be someone else.
  5. Keep it Legal
    Do not post illegal content or anything that could reasonably lead to illegal activity.
  6. Be Cool
    Don’t try to take down the site or prevent us from operating TalkNest at its full capacity.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding these Rules please contact us at info@talknest.com.