Premium Subscription Overview

In addition to being a dynamic social platform to discuss today’s most relevant topics in a fun and engaging way, TalkNest is simultaneously and deeply committed to treating the privacy of our users in a way that squarely addresses today’s growing distrust of and disdain for the pervasive practice of tech companies to constantly track us and sell our personal information and online activities to advertisers for massive profits.

Background: The Problem

We are being followed online.

Every share. Every like. Every purchase. Every site visit. Virtually every click.

And to the powerful tech companies that are watching our every move, the actions we take online become data points to be exploited and sold for a profit.

The uncomfortable truth is that this exploitation is legal and that when we consent to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies of these companies we essentially allow this. But knowing that these companies hide behind legalese and too-long-to-read agreements that no user has or takes the time to read, makes this practice all the more galling.

We believe that using users in this way, exploiting them for profit, impedes genuine, honest dialogue and open sharing, the foundation on which TalkNest is built. So, we won’t track you and we certainly won’t exploit you for profit.

Now, like any for-profit company, we do need to generate revenues and profits to operate reliably and with the proper foundation and infrastructure to be able to grow as fast as our community wants to grow. Accordingly, we propose the following solution and hope you’ll join us.

Our Solution

You pay just $5 per month ($50 for an annual subscription) to get a safe user experience on TalkNest with no tracking, no exploitative BS, and no ads. We call this our PREMIUM membership because your small monthly fee enables us to offer you premium privacy while we provide our excellent platform to you. We think you will find the small fee to be worth it. The only exception at this level is anonymized page data. Again, we are completely unaware of our members accessing the pages and liked content with the premium membership. We are only doing this to bring the best and most popular content to the top of the pages.

We do offer a FREE membership as well because we want as many people as possible to check out and stay on our platform as long as they want sharing various ideas, unique opinions, and broad points of view. But, rest assured that “free” doesn’t mean that we feel free to use your personal data however we like. Even at the free level TalkNest will not sell your information. In exchange for providing our platform to you for free we will offer you the most relevant ads to help us fund our operations. However, in doing so we will always hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical behavior that reflect a deep respect for free speech and, most critically, our relationship as platform provider to you, the engaged user, without whom we could not exist.

No matter which membership you choose we warmly welcome you to  TalkNest to experience our breakthrough approach that honors user privacy and establishes a safe and trusted place to share opinions and interact. You are truly free here to fully engage on our platform because you are free: free from being tracked and exploited for profit.

We look forward to showing you the benefits of our PREMIUM membership.